CA Cupid Love Potion

Who would have thought that even Cupid's daughter herself could have... love problems? Well, lovely CA Cupid's madly in love with Dexter Charming who, unfortunately for her, has a crush on Raven Queen instead. Luckily for our winged, candy-like pink haired teen beauty on Valentine's Day (only) she has the power of casting her secret love spell, the one who'd make the boy she loves get crazy in love with her! The only problem is that CA Cupid seems to have forgotten which were the 4 key ingredients listed in her dad's secret love potion recipe. Do you think you could figure out which was that magic formula? Take a lucky guess as you pick... magic spell books, pink roses, fairy dust pots, a golden key, a heart-print coffee mug and all kinds of other more or less strange items that you'll find in CA Cupid's secret lab and as you throw them into the huge cauldron that you'll find there, waiting to witness the potion's effect on handsome “victim”: Dexter Charming!
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