Bye Bye Bird

She may be blue colored, but this fancy birdie here sure doesn't feel blue, too. How could she, since she's by far the most fashionable, the most stylish bird in the woods? How about getting her ready for one of her long, long flights towards that part of the globe with a warmer climate, before winter's arrival? Play the bye bye bird dress up game and style up this chic feathery cutie her!

Now, such a major expedition, such a long flight, over lots and lots of far away countries, high mountains and blue seas, calls for a truly festive, really special outfit, right? How about a fancy tuxedo, then, to dress up this audacious birdie with? Pair it with a gentleman tall hat and a fancy cute bow tie and she's sure to be the most elegant bird from her flock. Let's admit it: how could we not love bird dress up games and styling up such adorable little feathery creatures? Give it anothertry now and try styling her up with a preppy stylish, checkered sweater instead paired with some trendy colorfully brimmed geek glasses and some chic shoes, too. Don't forget to get her the proper face expression, too, for each one of those winning bird fashion looks that you'll create. What type of beak would go best with a formal, smart looking suit then: a parrot beak or maybe a stork one?

Have fun playing the bye bye bird dress up game and using your fashion talent for such a good cause: boosting up this birdie's self confidence before her big, decisive journey this autumn.

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