Busy Bee

Do you think a lovely multicolored, perfumed flower garden means relaxation and fun time spent in the open air for this bee? For this sweet looking bee it means work work work to get all her tiny buckets filled with golden pollen. Still, there's room for a fun fashion show during breaks, so how about getting her that super cute, pretty look that will set her in the right mood for her busy day? Play the busy bee dress up game!

With all those gorgeous, lovely colored flowers surrounding her, our pretty bee cannot look any less lovelier. Let's see what we can find in her bee wardrobe! The busy bee dress up game is where you'll find the most chic, girly cute flower shaped minidresses and lovely bubble dresses or sweet looking striped bee dresses. Help her try them all so that she can decide which one best enhances her cutie-cute bee looks! Once the pretty minidress has been chosen, you're half way distance from putting together that confidence-boosting chic look to outshine all those beautiful flowers with!

How about some colorful, preciously looking little wings for adding even more girly loveliness to her sweet look? Pick the prettiest ones, then pay great attention to the selection of her little antennas ans her tiny bee stinger. Select the colors and sizes that best complete her pretty bee looks, whether it's some golden little antennas that you choose and a glittery red stinger, don't neglect the importance of all those tiny little accessories. Now, a pair of long, bright red boots or maybe some girly chic, cute pink ballet flats would go wonderfully with her entire outfit and would definitely lift up her spirit for the busy hard working day!

Step into this gorgeous flower garden and make this pretty busy bee stand out of the crowd of flowers playing the busy bee dress up game and using your skills to get her an amazingly chic darling look. Have fun!

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