Bugs N' Love

Is there a matchmaker locked inside you? Well, then it's time to shown your skills as a little Cupid forming lots and lots of adorable little couples out of these tiny, colorful bugs here! Here's what you'll need to do in order to prove you're a talented matchmaker: use the arrow keys for moving left or right the little bugs placed right on top of your screen and make sure the tiny bugs rising from the bottom of your screen reach their soul mates on top. They should be of the same color, you know, in order to have happy couples, and whenever the bugs fly away before reaching their soul mates or reach bugs of different colors, you’ll lose a precious life. If you play skill games on a regular basis you'll surely agree that this is one of the cattiest ones you’ve ever enjoyed! So, what do you say: are you ready to spread some love in bugs' world and color match these cuties, two by two?


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