Bubbly Bubble

Are you ready to join Bubbly Bubble on its thrilling and so very risky adventure? Once it will get launched by that cute little girl blowing bubble in the sky, on a lovely spring sunny day, the cute bubble depends on you completely! It counts on you to rapidly and efficiently press the space key for keeping it up in the air and for squeezing it through all those up pipes growing upwards and downwards. A single instant of absence of mind will be enough for the vulnerable bubble to... bump into one of those heavy, massive pipes and put an end to its explorations. Therefore, having good reaction times is vital as this cute bubbly bubble's accomplice, so keep clicking the space bar, helping your little bubbling friend fly, but not too high for it might hit the upper pipes or too low for it might just hit the lower pipes. Enjoy what looks like one of the catchiest game of all the fun skill games for girls that you've recently played online!


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