Brave Lion Tamer

If to her love for wild animals and her courage to step into the circus arena accompanied by her ferocious animal friend, you add an exquisite fashion taste, then you get the answer to the question: how come she has the audience at her feet each nigt, during the circus's amazing shows? Play the brave lion tamer dress up game and get her a resplendent, spectacular look for her next performance!

Step into the backstage cabin and start the style and hairstyle makeover session, turning this brave lion tamer into a really stylish star shining under those blinding spotlights! Look through her shiny, stylish coats, check out her chic, sequined corset bodices, while you're enjoying thiscircus girl dress up game, then see how they would look paired with some pleated miniskirts, then go through her stage dresses collection, too. Playing the brave lion tamer dress up game you can get her all styled up getting her dressed with stylish knee length flouncy dresses, with chic belted minidresses that will add so much glamorous style to her breathtaking performance. Now, how about a chic hairstyle, too, to go with her spectacular stage look? Would you like her to flaunt a gorgeous long length hairstyle or maybe a trendy chic asymmetric type of haircut? It's up to you, what hairstyle you pick, from the ones you have at your disposal in this lovelyanimal lover dress up game, just make sure that her angle boots or her long shining boots, along with her spectacular glowing look and her fancy chic hairstyle out together like the perfect dazzling stage look to sport during the show tonight!

Have fun playing the brave lion tamer dress up game and getting this lovely audacious girl all styled up for the most important performance of her career as a lion tamer!

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