Birthday Party Slacking

Sarah has been looking forward to her young sister, Emma's, birthday party! She was imagining herself eating loads of delicious cake, blowing out the candle for her sis, having loads of fun hitting the pinata till it opens up and releases all those yummy candies locked inside it and so on, but instead she has to babysit and entertain the one year old birthday cutie! What a boredom! Would you help Sarah sneak around and still have some fun on her on at her baby sister's party? Help her sting the balloons, help her secretly write her own birthday card for her sis, help her play a fun “pin the tail on the donkey” game, but now and then, when you spot the exclamation mark popping up on your screen, put an end to Sarah's “forbidden” activities and help her focus all her attention on the adorable birthday baby girl! You'll see, this might just be one of the most addictive online slacking games you've ever enjoyed!


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