Bird Sanctuary

The newly opened bird park, “Bird Sanctuary”, is a true paradise on earth in the hearty of the concrete jungle! Since you're its young manager, put all the efforts for taking the best care of all those gorgeous rare species of birdies which bring so much pure joy and relaxation to all those visitors coming in to admire them and to listen to their chirrups. Be quick to attend to each new visitor, to guide him to the cage where his favorite species of birdie lives, to feed and keep those precious little inhabitants of the park well hydrated and so on. Since you must surely be well familiarized with free management games, you will no doubt agree that this is one of the most engaging ones you've played so far! The money you'll earn running this bird park like a pro' will help you buy all those upgrades that will turn “Bird Sanctuary” into the most popular park of this kind in the entire country!

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