Bird House

Aren't they so cuuuute! This mom birdie is so proud of her baby birds, they've just come out of the egg shell and they have a huge appetite, I can tell you that. While she feeds them their favorite snack, how about getting them another surprise, too: a lovely chic wooden made bird house? Play the bird house decoration game and see how you can beautify this lovely family's home!

What should we start with? Should we start with the roof maybe or rather with the windows? It's you, the talented interior designer, who decides which part of the cute bird house you start with! How about starting this lovelyonline decoration gameby picking the loveliest color for the house? It could have blue stripes all over it or it could look equally lovely in a chocolate brown color, it's up to you. Make sure its color best highlights that of the window frames and that the tiny door of the house matches the chic design of their home. Lovely! Now, feel free, while you're enjoying the bird house decoration game, to pick the tenants of the house, too. This won't be an easy job, I can tell you that, picking from all those adorably looking baby birdies there, all with brightly colored feathers and cute little beaks. Once you've picked the winged cuties, how about continuing this cute decoration game by selecting their cute mom, too?

Exercise your skills as a decorator, while you're enjoying the bird house decoration game, and brighten up this cute bird family's day getting them the loveliest house from the entire forest! After that, work your decorating skills even more playing the Family Cabin!

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