Beyonce Dress Up 2

Can you believe it: you've got selected to be R&B queen's, Beyonce, fashion stylist for her upcoming mega concert! Make sure you live up to the superstar’s expectations, getting her the fabulous, spectacular look to take the entire audience's breath away the moment she steps into the spotlights! If you want her first look with be a slightly casual comfy on with a twist of fabulocity, feel free to go for a tank top and a nice mini jacket or for a basic tee top paired with some chic short pants or patterned leggins, upgrading then her stage look with a cool, body colored RnB cap or maybe a statement bling bling necklace or some edgy looking sunglasses and some fancy super tall heels, too, definitely. If, on the contrary, you imagine gorgeous diva Beyonce making a spectacular entrance, dressed up in a fancy, eye-catching romper suit, her signature stage outfit, or in a stylish leopard print minidress or classy chic ruffled little black dress spiced up with some tall, tall leather boots and a fabulous hairdo, too, then go ahead and express it styling up Beyonce to your liking! You will no doubt place this game on your top favorite Beyonce dress up games list!

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