Barbie Tea Time

Barbie's decided to throw a last minute tea party at her house and invite over some of her closest friends for some tasty cookies, a yummy cup of herbal tea and... some girly gossiping sessions, too! Turn her into a lovely chic host, getting her a comfy yet stylish, a casual and effortlessly chic look, playing the Barbie tea time dress up game!

Let's see, what to choose, what to choose, when you're looking through such an super chic wardrobe as Barbie's here? She has some truly gorgeous pastel dresses, some of them in a cute retro-chic style, pretty full-skirt dresses, others in the lovely girly girl style featuring cute ruffles or made of sheer colored, lightweight chiffon. If you're a real free online Barbie dress up games “expert”, then your intuition will have informed you by now that this is one of the loveliest games of this sort that you've ever got the chance to play, right?You could as well opt for pairing a stylish off-shoulder top with some lovely patterned, colorful skinny jeans and maybe some chic pastel colored flats, too, and you'll get her such a casual lovely hipster look! Go for chic earrings or dare selecting a statement, multicolored necklace, style up her hair in an effortlessly-gorgeous hairdo and her new look is sure impress her BFF guests turning her into such a stylish, not too fancy, not at all posh and yet so very lovely chic tea part host!

You must have already tried plenty of free online Barbie dress up games, but has any one of them had such a charming theme: getting Barbie all styled for a cozy, nice tea party?


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