Barbie's Wedding Makeup

Barbie's getting married and she's picked you to make her so pretty and stylish for the luxurious reception to come! Are you up for this challenge? Let's find out: start exercising your outstanding skills as a make-up artist on the already so beautiful bride to be, beautifying her even more for the big event! Still, don't rush in to apply her make-up until you haven't perfected her skin, since it presents a couple of flaws. Get her messy eyebrows nicely defined, then apply a layer of deep cleansing scrub all over her face, next use the eye cream for removing the nasty looking dark circles underneath her eyes. Lovely! Keep up the good work and you will have given bride to be Barbie the flawless complexion she'd like to sport on her wedding day. Next, unleash that highly creative make-up artist hiding inside you and get Barbie a superb, polished make-up look: apply the foundation, first of all, closely followed by the face powder, then get her cheeks gently touched by the blush brush, next put together her sophisticated, ladylike eye makeup and carefully choose a gorgeous lipstick color for her, as well!

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