Barbie Miss Sophomore Year

Barbie's already in her second year of college, time sure has passed quickly for our blonde beauty here! She has major plans for this year, you know, and one of them is winning the Miss Sophomore Year beauty crown! Of course, she's counting on you to back her up, to help her go through all those harsh tests and to successfully respond to all those tricky challenges that the jury has in store for each one of the college beauties participating! Just spin the wheel on your screen, holding and then releasing your left mouse button, and see which is the first test that our dashing contestant here should take: she could either take the swimsuit test first or maybe the general knowledge quiz, the talent or the evening gown's wearing test instead! From all the new Barbie games online that you've recently had the chance to play this one here sure is the catchiest one, isn't it? No matter which might be the first challenge that Barbie will need to face, be there for her, and help her make the best impression to the jury, turning herself into THE Miss Sophomore!

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