Baby Tiger Vet Care

This poor baby tiger is not feeling very well these days, he must definitely see a vet! Would you like to try your own skills as an efficient and loving veterinarian? Well, then you have all the tools you might need for listening to the poor thing’s beating heart, for taking his temperature and see whether he’s caught the flue, for administering his medicine, for getting his cuts and wounds band-aged and so on. Use them all for healing this adorable suffering baby tiger here, bringing back his big, heart-melting charming smile upon his baby animal face. Then, for rewarding him since he stood so still during the medical consultation, turn yourself into his personal fashion stylist, as well, getting him a new cutie cute, so very trendy chic fashion look! As you can see, this sure isn’t just another one of those common animal care games that you can play online, but a two in one, pet care and pet dress-up game! Dig through his tiny, adorably chic baby outfits and lovely accessories and see how you could mix and match them for pulling off the look that will cheer him up as quickly as you say “tiger”!


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