Baby Pony Caring

Oh, look at this heart-melting cute baby pony here! Can you believe that you're about to become his loving owner? Still, you need to earn your right to look after him, you know, you need to prove that you can keep it well groomed, spotless clean and healthy first, so what would you say about giving your sweet baby pony a warm bubble bath? Click on the head shower and get him soaking wet, apply some special pony shampoo and keep carrying out all those pony beauty steps till you'll get a sparky clean, so very polished looking baby pony. Next, you need to prove you skills as a pony... fashion stylist, as well, for, as you shall see, this is far more than just one of those dull animal care games that you can find online. Get your adorable pet a new gorgeously colored wavy mane, a new matching tail, pull off a lovely chic fashion look for it, too, and don't forget to finish off its adorable, so very fashionable new look with a pretty head flower and a chic collar as well!


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