Baby Monster Tooth Problems

This baby monster was planning to attend baby Draculaura’s birthday party until a terrible tooth ache has stopped her. No wonder, for it’s been a long, long time since she last stopped by her den-tist’ office. She’s terrified by dentists, you know, that’s why she would definitely need a gentle and nonetheless efficient dentist like you to get her teeth’ problems fixed! Expect to be challenged to fill in some huuuge, nasty looking cavities, to clear lots of her teeth of ugly looking yellowish calculus to replace some of her black suffering teeth with brand new perfect ones and so on. Just click anyone of those dental tools and an image informing you about the right tooth to place them on, will pop up on the left corner of your screen. Just follow the given indications and you will have beautified and healed all her damaged teeth in no time! If you’re always going for the most challenging, the most interactive online dental care simulation games online, then you will definitely going to love this one here in particular!

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