Baby Hazel Pet Doctor

It has always been sweet baby Hazel's dream to become a... vet! That's right, since she adores pets, she'd love to be able to treat them whenever they get hurt or fall ill. Today her dream is about to come true thanks to... you! Will you help baby Hazel turn herself into the best doctor that her adorable animal pets could dream of? Then go ahead and help her... get dressed up like a real-life veterinary first! Once you've helped her put on her white coat and gloves, go ahead and help her prepare all the medical instruments that she'll need when treating her furry patients: her stethoscope, her thermometer, her syrup, her torch etc. It's only after you've identified them all and they're all nicely displayed on your screen that the little doctor can actually welcome and attend to her first patient: a poor bunny! Help baby Hazel examine the cute fluffy one and come up with the best diagnosis. Oh, no! It looks like the bunny has an ear infection! Is this like on of the catchiest baby Hazel games for girls online or what! Quick, help the little doctor clean its ear, disinfect it and so on, and when you've cleared it of its nasty infection, go ahead and reward the bunny patient with some yummy fresh carrots, his top favorite treat!

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