Baby Hazel Nature Explorer

Baby Hazel couldn't have been any happier than she is now: her friend, Ashley, has just asked her to join her on her fun-filled trip out of town, since she has a major school assignment to complete, which involves collecting all kinds of key items from nature! So, how about helping the two girls pack everything they'll need for their trip? Ashley will write down the checklist and you and sweet little Hazel will have to scan the room and look for them all: look for baby Hazel's cute little backpack, then for the binocular, as well, for all the crayons and pencils that the girls will be needing, for the tiny bottle of fresh water and so on. Once you've found them all, what would you say about helping baby Hazel get dressed up for the fun outing in the forest? A comfy, sporty chic look is a must, so keep that in mind as you scan through you cute little friend's wardrobe! Then, help the two girls put together the checklist with all the items they'll need to collect while in the woods: all kinds of seeds, plants, pebbles, twigs and the list can go on. You won't be able to deny, that's for sure, that this is the most engaging game from all the new baby Hazel games that you've tried these days! It's only then that you get to venture into the forest along with the two friends and help them explore nature! Have fun!

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