Baby Flu Care

Oh, poor Lizzie! The little pumpkin was having loads of fun in the snow with her friends when she suddenly started to cough, to shiver, tears started to fall from her eyes... it definitely looked like she had caught a nasty flu! Would you rush in and take her to the emergency room or, even better, put on your white robe and turn yourself into the caring doctor who'll greet her there? Give her a full exam and make sure to administer her the right treatment as well! As a free doctor games fan you must surely be familiar with all these steps! Start by taking her temperature, gently placing that tiny thermometer into the little patient’s mouth, then listed to her heart beat, too, using the stethoscope put at your disposal, don't forget to look for the nose spray, too, to administer her some cough syrup, too and to... keep up the good work, completing all the tasks till you've cured sweet little Lizzie and turned her into the cheerful, playful little girl that she usually is!


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