Baby Elsa Bathing

Travel back in time, when sweet dashing Ice Queen Elsa was just a cute little baby girl and... turn yourself, as if by magic, into her loving nanny! As her nanny, you'll need to give tiny Elsa her daily bath, so step into her lovely bathroom, at the castle, and gently place the cute little bundle of joy into her little bathtub! Fill in the bath water with all kinds of bath bubbles and soaks, selecting them from those displayed there, on all those shelves in Elsa's bathroom, gently wash her up, focusing onher cute baby locks and then, once you've rinsed her hair, gently take her out of her bathtub and start drying her, lest she should catch a nasty cold. Could anyone of the baby bathing games that you've enjoyed so far to rival this game in baby cuteness? Then, go ahead and dress up sweet baby Elsa with one of her adorable funny costumes! Would you go for a cute lady bug one or rather for a lovely pink bunny costume instead?



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