Baby Care Spa Salon

Ready to take your role as a loving nanny really seriously? There are three heart-melting babies here waiting for you to look after them so... go ahead and pick the one that you'd love to pamper and spoil first! Will it be a cute baby boy or a sweet little princess? Next, enjoy giving the little bundle of joy his/her daily bubble bath: fill in the tiny bathtub with lukewarm water, then use baby soap all over his/her body and no tears gentle shampoo on his/her locks. Then, once in the cute little one's bedroom, be quick to change his/her diaper, lest he/she should burst into tears. Clean him/her up, apply baby powder, too, get him/her a new clean diaper, as well, then enjoy styling up your adorable little protegee, as well! It sure is one of the cutest free baby care games that you've recently enjoyed, isn't it? If it's the baby boy that you're babysitting, a cute chic oversells accessorized with a cute teddy bear toy and a cool haircut would be perfect, whereas if it's a baby girl, a so very lovely babydoll flouncy dress paired with some adorable bunny ears would look so lovely!

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