Baby Bonnie Blue

How said! Sweet baby Bonnie's got the flue and she's feeling so... blue these days! She won't smile, she won't play with her baby friends, she won't spread joy all around her, so you really need to work your healing power on her and turn her into... cheerful, playful baby Bonnie again! First of all, check her body temperature, wipe away the sweat off her forehead, swing her cradle to help her relax and once you’ve carried out all the tasks from the first stage, enter baby Bonnie's kitchen and work your skills for putting together a “magic”, healing hot drink for her. It will have to have grated ginger, so make hurry up to grate the onscreen ginger you have there, and next put together all the other special ingredients for preparing her special beverage. Lovely! From all the new baby care games that you've tried lately this one here is definitely the most adorable one, isn't it? Once pretty Bonnie's feeling much, much better, get ready to fashionze her, as well, mixing and matching some of her adorably cute and super chic baby fashion items, celebrating the fact that she's recovered from her nasty cold!


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