Baby Barbie Which Emoji Are You

Which Emoji Are You? Are you a smiling emoji, a grinning one or maybe a sad one or a melancholic one instead? Stop question yourself that and get in touch with your inner... emoji by taking this fun quiz test here! Including 10 major questions, ranging from the one related to your top favorite weekend activities to those regarding your fashion style, your musical preferences and the school night activities that best represent you, it will challenge you to get rally honest and select the answers that best speak about you. How does your dream vacation look like? Do you fancy yourself relaxing, laying in the warm sun, on a soft sandy beach (a palm tree right next to you) or you're the adventurous type and you adore backpacking and exploring nature? Would a puppy, a kitten or maybe a... super cute boy be more likely to put a big smile on your face? Take your time to analyze each one of the suggested answers and make sure to pick the ones that best reflect your inner emoji's personality! You'll no doubt draw the conclusion that this is one of the most addictive baby Barbie games for kids that you've recently enjoyed!

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