Baby Barbie's Little Pony

Welcome to the magical land of Equestria! Cute baby Barbie's going to be your guide around here, you know! She's been expecting you, for that annual Ponies Beauty Pageant show is about to start and she's determined to help all her three beloved pony pets, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, leave the jury moth-opened! Of course, she couldn't manage to complete all the pampering and grooming sessions on time if you didn't help her, so lend baby Barbie a helping hand for bathing her pretty ponies, for gently brushing their long, soft manes, in candy-like colors, then to accessorize her beloved little horses with all kinds of glittery and so very girly chic accessories, too! Once you've groomed them to perfection and styled them up, as well, they'll definitely stand out from the crowd of cute little ponies attending this major beauty contest!
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