Baby Barbie Gardening

Lovely baby Barbie's always been super fascinated about gardening, you know, she's spent hours watching her mommy, gorgeous Barbie herself, working in their superb flower garden. Today, she's more than decided to learn how to garden herself, but she would really need your help for carrying out her plan. First of all, she's hoping that you could join her at the garden supply store and help her buy all those gardening tools that she's written down on her shopping list. Then, she's really counting on you to help her sort them out and get them ready for the fun gardening session. By now I'm sure you're convinced that this game easily sets itself apart from all the Barbie management games available online. Next, do you think you could help this charming baby Barbie put together a comfy, yet chic, fashion look to sport when she's out there, kneeling next to her beloved lovely flowers? The last step to take: assisting her while she takes gardening lessons from her mommy herself and helping her follow all the indicated steps in no time!


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