Baby Alice Gardening

Spring is here sand cute baby Alice declares the gardening season officially opened! She's been looking forward to the loveliest, sunnier weather for playing with all those special tools that her mom and granny are usually using while looking after their precious flowers and veggies and today looks like the perfect day for this. Still, the adorable pumpkin couldn't possibly carry out this major mission without your help so, join her out, in the spring sun, step into her little garden and help her find all the necessary gardening tools. Fill in her little wheelbarrow with all kinds of wonder veggie seeds, with differently sized shovels, rakes and all kinds of other tools that any true gardener would use and then... help her plant her precious seeds. First of all, you need to help her dig the holes where she’ll throw her seeds. Great! Is this like one of the most engaging new simulation games online or what! Now and then you'll have to be super quick to get this precious little gardener a yummy lollipop or her dead bottle of milk, for she might get stressed out by all this hard work to do around the garden or scared by all kinds of earthworms popping up from the ground. Once you two are done with the planting, help sweet baby Alice harvest her tasty looking veggies, too!

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