Baby Alice Camping

Cute baby Alice's going camping, for the very first time! She's super excited about her fun trip in the mountains, but also a little bit nervous for she doesn't have even the slightest clue about building up a tent or... making a campfire. So, get to work and help your little friend set up her pretty little tent, following all the indications on your screen: open up baby Alice's, orange, girly tent first of all, then place those two long tent poles popping up on your screen, then strategically place all those tent stakes on the tent's four corners, as well, and use the little hammer put at your dispersal for sticking them into the ground. Great! Once the tent is up, feel free to help the cute baby girl style it up, making it so very pretty, decorating it to your licking! Next... join baby Alice on a fun-filled fishing session there, into the wild!
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