How do you think usually a queen's wardrobe should looks? Spectacular. What if the queen is one of the sea? Well, you can satisfy your curiosity playing the atlantica dress up game.

I assure you it's like the coolestcharacter dress up game I have ever played. Don't take my word for granted, have a look! See? You have there, like the most incredible dresses that you can choose from and dress up Atlantica with. They resemble, all those underwater creatures, which are this queen's servants, but a more stylish way. I mean that she looks spectacular in a dress that looks like the tail of a mermaid, or one that looks like a shark, tightly wrapped around her body or a an incredible dress that looks like an octopus. It's as if you have entered a magical underwater world, where great fashion mingles with majestic sea creatures. In other words, in thischaracter dress up game you will find only those fairy tale outfits and I don't even have to mention the accessories. They are simply incredible! Since in it's a character dress up game and we're dressing up Atlantica, queen of the sees, that you will find only those specific accessories. Star and sea shell earrings, spectacular hats ( there is one in the shape of a shark) that should replace the usual royal crown, thesecharacter dress up game gives you all the elements to put together and incredible, royal outfit.

Let's remain underwater since it's such a magical atmosphere out here. You have learned some important fashion tips from Atlantica, let's see what outfits you will come up with playing themermaid-unicorn dress up game.

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