Ariel's Princess Spell

Poor mermaid princess Ariel! She's been dreaming to turn herself into a normal girl for so long, but she's still living in the ocean, having a pretty fishtail instead of legs! There's something you could do for adding a happy ending to sad Ariel's story: putting together the right ingredients so that this magic spell, which could turn her into a normal teen girl as if by magic, should work. Ready to give it a (or several) try? Simply grab 4 of those key ingredients on your screen, such as a little fish, a special potion, Prince Charming's best photo, a fork and so on, and throw them all into that cauldron put at your disposal. Then, wait and see what happens and have loads of fun seeing witnessing the bad results of your hocus pocus (fins could grow on Ariel's body or she could turn herself into a... zombie mermaid instead, and the list can go on)!
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