Ariel Baby Wash

Isn't Ariel's baby girl so, so very sweet? Well, you should know that the gorgeous mermaid princess is a very loving and carrying mommy! She'd never miss a chance to spend quality time with her adorable little one and even as we speak she's getting ready for giving the baby mermaid her daily bath. Would you care to join the splashy fun? Then go ahead and fill in the water with a special, lovely scented bath soak, then with flower petals, as well, next rush in to shampoo the sweet one's wavy locks! Help mommy Ariel cover her up in soap foam, too, getting her cleaned up through and through, then, once the bath's done, go ahead and help mommy Ariel and her sweet pumpkin have loads of fun building a lovely sand castle! As a cute baby bathing games for girls fan you'll no doubt find this one here, starring lovely Ariel's baby, utterly cute!

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