Ariel and Seashell Palace Pets

Isn't princess Ariel's adored Seashell one of the cutest palace pets from the fantasy world? The red haired beauty's super fond of her pet pony, you know, and she'd pamper and spoil him 24 hours a day if she could. Now you can just imagine how worried she grew when she saw Seashell returning to her castle, after a fun playtime with his pony friends, looking as awfully messy as he does now: all covered in... nasty looking bugs and so very dirty (who knows, maybe he has even some nasty scratches and wounds, too!). Quick, there's no time to waste: grab the tweezers and help the princess remove all the bugs off Seashell's little body, then give him a major brush, too, thus removing all those tiny pebbles that he’s collected, then grab a clean towel, too, and wipe off the dirt, next... You'll surely agree that this is one of the catchiest princess palace pets games that you've recently had the chance to enjoy!

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