Animals Hidden Letters

Oh, isn’t this so cute: this adorable little pumpkin here is planning to surprise her dear daddy with a special Father's day Gift! She may have a plan, but getting that lovely present isn't as easy at it might seem: she'll need you to work your detective skills for her, stepping into this fantasy world populated with lots and lots of colorful, heart-melting cute candy colored animals and spot all the hidden numbers you'll find there. It's only when you two have managed to find them all that the amazing Father’s Day Gift will get unlocked! A hidden letters games fanatic like you is sure to qualify this game as both one of the cutest and one of the most... frustratingly challenging ones he/she has even played! So, get ready to track down all those very well hidden letters, scanning the colorful trees, the fluffy clouds in the sky, all the lovely flowers and, of course, all those sweet looking animals smiling back at you, challenging you to spot all the letters that they, themselves, have scattered all along their magic forest!


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