Angela and Ginger Laundry Day

It's laundry day and lovely Talking Angela's found herself a little helper, cute little Talking Ginger himself, but she'd really appreciate a helping hand from you, too, you know! So, team up with these two fluffy ones and help them take the very first step: sorting the laundry into two major piles, white and colored clothes! Make sure to place them into those two laundry baskets, each one standing for a certain pile (colored or white ones) and then to put the white ones into the washing machine. Bravo! Next hand the laundry detergent to sweet little Ginger and let him sprinkle some into the machine, next look for the fabric softener, as well! It sure is one of the most inspiring laundry day games that you've ever played, isn't it? Turn on the washing machine and get ready for the next step: hanging all the freshly clean snow white clothes onto the laundry line, one by one. Don't think that this is the very last step! No sir, you still need to help Talking Angela iron her laundry, once dried, as well!

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