Aneu Baby Dress Up

This is a game for cool girls and boys, and it is a baby dress up game. It's not only that babies are cute, but they are also great to dress up, so this game is most certainly a good one.

The dress a baby game is a sweet experience, featuring a cute baby and loads of baby clothes. So, if you like babies, or would like to have a little brother or a sister, here is your chance to practice the skills to dress the baby up.

The baby dress up game with baby Anou will start at whichever point you prefer. You might choose the skin complexion of the baby: Anou may be black, white, pink or light pink. She is in a wonderful baby's room, filled with pink and all sorts of toys and games, but right now you should be focusing on more important details. Anou's hair for instance: the baby dress up game gives you green hair, pink, purple or blonde and regular brown. The baby can stay bold, as many babies are cute with no hair at all, so here is one more option.

A baby needs diapers, so get some: the choice offered in the dress a baby game featured cartoon characters, or patterns with small cute hearts.

You can also add a cute dress, which may also be with patterns or simple. The dresses for the baby are found in the right hand side upper corner. They are small, but if you click on them and drag them a bit, you will get the magnified version, so as to fit this giant baby.

Anou will also want some socks in this baby dress up game, so make sure you please her. There are lots of striped and plain socks to choose from. In the end, you can pick out the right pair of baby shoes. These are all aligned in the right hand bottom side of the page.

When you are ready with all these, the clothes are all in the right place, be sure to give Anou a few baby toys, so she doesn't get bored.

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