Amazing Mermaid

She is the youngest daughter of the God of seas and oceans and therefore the future queen of the underwater kingdom. She might be young, though you can easily tell she has the class and elegance of a royal blooded mermaid. Just check out her amazing outfits playing thedashing little mermaid dress up game!

When it comes to the royal, sophisticated mermaid fashion, this little princess is a real fashion icon. Playing the dashing little mermaid dress up game, you will have the chance to actually rummage through a royal blooded mermaid's wardrobe! There's an incredible diversity of fish tails, of different colors different patterns, different shapes not to mention the chic tops you can combine them with. Would you think she would look more sophisticated wearing a chic navy blue bra top or maybe a cute pink seashell one? Go through all of the possible combinations till you've chosen the one worthy of a future queen. Now, like any girl her age, or mermaid her age, this princess is crazy about chic accessories. Therefore, after your dress up this dashing little mermaid, don't forget to add some more chicness to her royal look choosing some cute, flower shaped bracelets or a dazzling, statement necklace or maybe a sheer pair of wings, why not!

Let me share a secret with you: this little mermaid has the power to transform herself into a gorgeous, teenage girl each two days per week. This week is even more special, for she will be celebrating her birthday. Do you think you could join her at the mall and help her pick a really fancy dress playing thefancy party dress up game?

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