Alice in Funderland

Good news: sweet little Alice has made it to Funderland! That's right, she's just stepped on the magic land, but don't think that she'll be having a pleasant, dangers-free journey there! No sir, there are all kinds of devilish little creatures here, like mean froggies, for instance, that she'll meet on her way to her destination and which will do their best to scare her and make her leave Funderland for good. So, she'd love to have you as her companion in this mysterious magic kingdom here! Join her through Funderland and, using the indicated arrow keys, the ones suggested to you in the game's tutorial, guide her along all those dangers-covered platforms. You'll see, this might just be one of the most challenging fun platform games that you've ever played! Make sure to help her jump way up high and collect all those golden coins floating there and to click the spacebar, too, for shooting down all the mean creatures that she'll encounter. Enjoy your thrilling adventure through Funderland!


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