Alex From The Block

Who could not admire the original funky style those RnB divas always flaunt and manage to impress us with? Now you, too, can add some urban hip hop funky style notes to your look after you've played theAlex from the block dress up game!

This girl is famous in her neighborhood and will be soon world wide known, for she is one of the most talented hop hop dancers. Yes, you've got it right, Alex here, for this is the name of the new born diva, has the talent that will make her famous and the style that will soon make her a trend setter. Let's check out the funky clothes and accessories in the Alex from the block dress up game! She would need some comfy pants when performing her difficult dancing moves, so you could dress up Alex from the block with a pair of buggy army pants or a pair of chic sporty pants, which could be combined in such a great way with a funky mini jacket or a stylish mini top, showing her worked out abs. We would still need some sparkle to style up her urban look, so give a click on the right category tabs and check out the cool accessories you can find when playing the Alex from the block dress up game. You have statement, pedant necklaces to choose from and big golden bracelets, even a fancy sequined handbag to complete her sweet hip hop look. Now, the question that arises would be: what funky hairdo should we choose from the many cool ones we have there?

If you wish you knew just the right dancing moves, like Alex here, there's hope, yes there is. Hire yourself the best choreographer playing the honey dancing game!

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