After The Party

All of your friends agree that the party you have thrown last night was a super success. It's such a pity that the mess left behind does not give you the chance to feel satisfied abut your success. Play the after the party cleaning game and you will see how fun cleaning can be!

Now, does the kitchen in the after the party clean up game resemble a lot your kitchen the morning after the party? There is food on the carpet, dirty dishes on the table, fruits, ketchups scattered all over the place. I know you had only acouple of hours of sleep, so the cool thing is that when you play the after the party clean up game all you have to do is give your mouse a simple click and there, you instantly lift all the objects and put them in the right place. Quit super, isn't it? There is no back ache, no kneeling to get the garbage from underneath the table. In the after the party clean up game the main quality required is attention, you wouldn't want to throw the plates in the dust bin and put the ketchup in the fruit basket, now do you?

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