After Party Clean Up

Last night's party was a blast, for certain! What about all the mess left behind? Well, you could help this charming girl, last night party's charming host, turn her after party clean up marathon into a fun-filled one, too, you know! Just start giving the first clicks, lift the very first items and you'll see that... cleaning up is surprisingly fun!

My oh my, our cutie's bedroom sure looks like a... battlefield! Her entire wardrobe seems to be scattered all over the room, all of last evening's food leftovers are hanging there, everywhere, her books have been taken out from their shelves an left on her bed, on the floor, everywhere, not to mention all her toys which her guests have “forgotten” to put back into the toy box. No worries! Just start clicking on those dresses, pants, heels and other fashion items and place them with another quick simple click into the closet. When it comes to party clean up games, you won't find many other games more challenging or fun-filled than this one here!Then, give a few clicks on all those food leftovers there, too, and drop them all into the dustbin. Then come the cute toys which, one by one, will go into the toy box.

Are you having fun yet testing your skills as a super maid? Now, how about playing other great party clean up games on Rainbowdressup so that you can get 100% conceived that cleaning up can be so unexpectedly fun?

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