A School Day

Tomorrow is sweet little Susan and George's first day of school: they’ll be in fifth grade this year, you know! Since the two cuties have being having a crush for each other for a while and since they didn't have the chance to meet during the summer holiday (their families have picked some totally different summer vacation destinations), they're really nervous about going back to school and getting to see each other again. Do you think you could boost up these two adorable future lovebirds' self-confidences with some new chic fashion looks? Start with pretty Susan and apply a sheer, barely there make-up look (a rosy lip gloss and just a soft touch of blush will instantly help her look even prettier), then help her get herself dressed up for the major day: the very first school of the year! You'll no doubt find this game one of the most inspiring dress up games for girls that will help you, too, put together your own winning first day of school fashion look! What does the fashion expert think: should our school sweetie go for a lovely chic blouse paired with a so very pretty chiffon, floral pattern skirt, or rather for a nice t-shirt featuring an attenuation-grabbing print paired with some trendy jeans and a lovely head accessory maybe?


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