Kids R'Us

Since the 1st of June, International Children's Day, is rapidly approaching, what better way to celebrate it than by planing a huge surprise for one lucky kiddo? What would you say about turning his bedroom into any child's dream come true, turning it into an adorably chic, lovely two- in-one bedroom and Toys “R”Us toy room? Play the kids r'us room decoration game and turn yourself into a magic fairy or a tiny godmother gifted with some amazing decoration super kills, for one super lucky child!

Let's start with the basics, shall we! What color would you pick for the floor? Would you go for a candy pastel color or for a classy wooden color? Then, rely on your intuition as a talented interior designer for selecting the prettiest wall paper, either a pretty pink, polka dotted one or maybe a dreamlike multicolored leaves patterned one! Lovely! Now continue the kids r'us room decoration game with the selection of the comfy, big customized bed. Go for vivid colors, go for cute prints, dare expressing your creativity and liven up this kid's room with a fairytale-like bed! This cannot be one of the very first kids room decoration games that you're enjoying, but it must definitely be one of the loveliest ones, right? Then, it's time for you to pick the lovely colored closet, too, a cozy, funky looking armchair, which will definitely be the fairytale story reading armchair, where mommy will be seating, the cute kid in her arms, reading his favorite bedtime stories. Last but surely not least, cheer up this child's room with some awesome Toys”R”Us... toys. They will definitely make the best part of your Children's Day surprise for this super lucky kiddo! Pick the curtest fluffy teddy bear, go for some cool drums, select an awesome toy boat, the football he's always be dreamed about and the toy list could go on and on. Have loads of fun putting together the most adorable 1st of June present for the future owner of this cute kid's room relying on your fantasy and your decoration skills!

Are you a huge, huge fan of kids room decoration games? Well, then you're one lucky kid yourself, too, you know, for here on Rainbowdressup we're hosting some of the top rated ones of them, so feel free to work your decoration talent even more!

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