Space Girl

The astronaut dress up game is surely an activity that will temp the creativity of many kids that want to try their hand at costumes of different sorts. A space girl is definitely something different, so it is understandable why the sci-fi dress up game will attract many talented players.

You get only a space girl in the beginning of the astronaut dress up game. Figure out what you want to make out of the space girl dress up game, and go on with getting the right equipment for your character. If you are undecided, just drag and drop a few items to adorn the space girl, and you will soon see the things coming in together.

Put some hair on your character, and give it personality. Will your space girl be a sexy blonde or a cunning red headed girl? Follow up with a cute costume, which is available in several colors: orange, green, black, white or purple. Some accessories are also available, so gear up your sci-fi dress up game character and make the most of it.

Get a helmet, so that your astronaut dress up game model has protection and can focus on the real things that are important in the space. The helmet may be in different shapes, it may be round or even oblique, so take a pick.

A space character needs some weapons, for the different battles that she has to face, as living in space may be dangerous at times, so make sure you get a big gun and place it in the space girl's hands so she's ready to anything. Playing the sci-fi dress up game may be exciting, and very creative, as there are items that you can choose for the character that you cannot find in other dress up games.

Next, you could think of other accessories for the space girl dress up. Air reserves and other funny equipment that can come in handy in the space are all in the astronaut dress up game. Last but not least, you have to think about the well being of your character. The space girl does not like to be alone, so give her a cat or a dog, an octopus or a gold fish. The space girl will be grateful.

And when all is done, you can start a brand new adventure with the same space girl, but other items of clothing. The astronaut dress up game is fun and may challenge your imagination and creativity. Take advantage of all these right now.

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