Robert Pattison Dressup

This Hollywood heartthrob could easily wear almost anything without the fear that he might loose his coolness or his hot appearance. We, his no.1 fans, should nevertheless seek that our idol should always look his best and flaunt a super celebrity stylish look no matter what, so let's teach him some vital style tips playing theRobert Pattison dress up game!

Now, get over your excitement of being Robert Pattison's personal fashion stylist and act as a professional! There are plenty of super clothes on the right side of the screen, waiting for you to pick them up, combine by your own original fashion rules and then dress up this film hottie. Let's give him one of those celebrity shabby-chic casual cool looks! Dress up Robert Pattison with a funky pair of sporty jeans, add some cool styles notes with a great plaid shirt or maybe a chic black sporty t-shirt, get him a pair of cool sneakers and some funky sunglasses to help him fool the paparazzi and it's done, you've just gave Robert Pattison a really super style makeover! For a more fancy event, where all the best fashion critics will be present and Hollywood's gorgeous female beauties, you should consider the more elegant-stylish items from Robert's wardrobe. Don't forget to make him look flauntless in front of the camera, so you should definitely continue the Robert Pattison dress up game with the make up beauty session. You have your make up tools there, your canvas, Robert Pattison's perfect face, so get it started!

Can you guess who's going to be his date at this famous event? How about his Twilight movie partner? Make her glow under the spotlights playing theTwilight makeover game!

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