Rebelde Diego

The moment he shows up on their TV screen, whether he's walking down the red carpet or acting in the TV series, “Rebelde”, that has made him so famous, lots and lots of teen girls, all over the world, hold their breath! He's drop dead cute, he's charming, talented and with a great sense of fashion, too! Seize the chance of impressing him with your talent as a celebrity fashion stylist playing the Rebelde Stars- Diego dress up game!

What kind of fashion style do you think that would best highlight his good looks? Try and put together a sporty chic look for handsome Diego here, playing one of the most newestcelebrity dress up gamesonline, getting him a nice t-shirt, some stylish jeans, a a pair of great sneakers, maybe a funky hat, too, and you he'll be ready to flaunt his casual chic look at a fancy shopping spree or, why not, during a hand in hand walk with his girlfriend. Next, see whether a more fancy-elegant look would pair perfectly with his charming looks. A smart looking shirt, selected from the fabulous wardrobe that you have in the Rebelde Stars- Diego dress up game, paired with a chic vest or maybe a fancy striped designer coat paired with some matching pants and completed by a jaw dropping haircut would help him outshine all the other far more famous male celebrities there, on the red carpet, casting his heart-melting smile at the cameras. See what other stylish designer outfits, taken out from this fancy wardrobe, you can pair, playing the Rebelde Stars- Diego dress up game, and come up with some awesome winning looks for this Brazilian heartthrob to sport for all those photographers wandering about him and for all his girl admirers.

Enjoy your role as a celebrity fashion stylist, playing the Rebelde Stars- Diego dress up game, then, once you've styled up his Brazilian teen idol, pick up from all the other celebrities looking forward for you to focus your skills on them, too, playing some fun-filled celebrity games on our site!

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