Rebelde Alice

Have you been looking forward to getting the chance of styling up another one of the stylish Rebelde stars? Well, your wish is just about to come true: cute Alice is waiting in line for you to make her look stunning for all of her fans, striking her poses in front of the camera, flaunting her charming smile and her stylish designer outfits for all those who love her in “Rebelde Brasil”. Get the Rebelde Stars- Alice dress up game started and step into this dashing actress' dressing room!

Would you prefer a trendy chic Alice or a more sophisticated, glamorous Alice or maybe you like both of her images? Playing this lovelycelebrity dress up gameyou get to put together a lovely teen cinema star look for her pairing girly chic ruffled miniskirts or pencil knee-length skirts with cut out tops or boho choc flounce blouses. On the other hand, while you’re enjoying the Rebelde stars- Alice dress up game, you can also turn her into a glamorous diva actress getting her a ravishing floor sweeping gown to swap all those photographers and all her fans off their feet, gown which you can glam up even more getting her some fancy heels and some resplendent diamond jewels that will highlight her beautiful looks and add so much preciousness to her look. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! Your brazilian teen idol looks almost like a true red carpet diva. “Almost”, for you still have her lovely locks to style up in a refined, sophisticated hairdo, selected from all the stylish ones you have in this fun online Rebelde stars up game, that will finish off her winning stylish look!

Don't miss the chance you’re given, the moment you get the Rebelde stars dress up game stated, that of styling up sweet looking Alice Albuquerque for the red carpet. Too fascinated with celebs’ glamorous world? Then prolong your staying there enjoying other lovelycelebrity dress up games, too, on our site!

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