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Narnia Coloring

There will always be great stories, incredible myths and legends and at no matter how old we might be they will continue to fascinate us, to stimulate our imagination! Get your imagination working playing this awesome game, the narnia coloring game!

What would you like to paint first when you start playing thesuperheroes coloring game ? I would like to start with the background. Remember how splendid the landscapes looked in those stories? Green fields, shouldering a crystal clear sky. With quick clicks on the super colors you have there, on the bottom of the page in this superheroes coloring game you can recreate that breath taking landscape and more! I say more, for now you get to the most interesting part, the one where your imagination can display its entire magnificence. You have the power to color those superheroes, themselves, their clothes, their armor. Put your imagination at work and pick, from the colors you have there in this superheroes coloring game, the ones that would make express better their super hero status. I would say a little bit of royal purple. What do you say, are you willing to give it a try?