Miley Cyrus Makeover

We simply cannot have enough of her! We buy all the magazines where her pictures are published, we buy tickets to all her movies long time in advance, in a word we are all fascinated by this teen celebrity and try to copy her style as much as possible. Well, now you have a more practical means of reconstructing her exquisite style: theMiley Cyrus makeover game.

In fact, why should you copy her make up and fashion style to the smallest details? Let's get creative and give Miley a new look! It will be a lot more fun this way! So, should we start with the make up of Miley Cyrus? On top of the page you have the category tabs, there you can find all those make up wonders any professional make up artist would dream to have. You could start the ultimate makeover applying a few blush brushes on the cheeks and then a cherry lipstick on her lips. There, she looks like gorgeous doll now! Still, this doll is a really famous one, let's add her a diva glow with the help of some sparkling, big earrings or maybe a beaded necklace! Get on the next page now and dress up Miley Cyrus with some of those fabulous minidresses or put together a boho-chic look, so adored by the Holywood celebs, dressing her up with mini jean skirt, a cool tank top and a funky pair of long black boots.

Now if, after you have tried this kind of baby doll make up style on your favorite starlet, wouldn't you just love applying this kind of make up as really professional make up artist?





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