Miley Cyrus In Concert

Let's enter this imaginary world, where you are a famous celebrity fashion stylist, and you're about to dress up the hottest teen sensation of the moment! Start your dressing up session playing theMiley Cyrus in concert dress up game!

OK, so first of all you have to keep in mind that there will be thousands of fans tonight and they've all been used to seeing Miley wearing some super stylish, spectacular clothes! The great thing is that you'll find all those type stylish of outfits and accessories playing the Miley Cyrus in concert dress up game! On the right side of the page you have her fabulous red carpet long gowns, her sequined super stylish tops, her super cool skinny jeans and her amazing jewels. What look would you like to adopt when dressing up gorgeous Miley Cyrus? You could try pairing a hot jeans miniskirt with a stylish black strappy top and a pair of funky long boots. Such a great boho-chic look for our the most popular teen celebrity! If you'd like her to simply leave her fans mouth-opened, you could dress up Miley Cyrus with a dashing bright red long dress, style it up with a pair of fancy shoes, then add some celebrity glamor with a long beaded necklace. Just awesome!

How about her make up? It has to be as cool-chic as her outfit, don't you agree? For some cool make up tips, check out theKaty Perry make up game!

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