Lady Gaga Dressup2

If you're one of those highly creative fashionistas, with an original fashion style and courage to express your personality through clothes, than you can be sure you have a lot in common with this extravagant starlet. Check out theLady Gaga makeover game andsee which are those common points!

A real stylista like you has surely noticed that this celebrity's eclectic style is a perfect mingling of the extravagant make up style with the unconventional fashion style. Let's see if you recognize your own make up style giving Lady Gaga a complete beauty makeover. She adores putting together one of those enigmatic, hypnotizing looks, highlighting her eyes with lots of mascara and dark eye shadow. What do you say you give it a try? Get your hand on the mouse and start clicking! All you have to do is place the cursor on the make up product you want and then you can easily apply make up on this diva's face. It's like magic, isn't it? After you've worked your make up art skills to the maximum, try to copy this lady's exquisite fashion style dressing up Lady Gaga with some of the fabulous outfits you have on the page. The final look should be all about bright colored, super tight, futuristic kind of clothes. Dress up Lady Gaga with some of those extravagant suits and pantless outtfits.

If you're really into thise futuristic type of fashion, than the shiny, tight outfits of a space girl would be just the kind of inspiration your were looking for to start renewing your wardrobe. Check out theSerenity dress up game !






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