Chinese Food Cooking

It takes you just a quick phone call to the closest restaurant to have a delicious Chinese dish right in the comfort of your home. Still, how about you test your skills as a Chinese cook playing thechinese food cooking game?

Imagine that our beginner cook here is just as nervous as you would be on your first day working in a very select Chinese restaurant. Her boss is quite intimidating and expects nothing but the highest signs of professionalism and the clients are some of the most pretentious. Poor girl, what do you say we give her a little bit of encouragement on her first day? Let's see what her first food challenge will be: sweets and pork .All righty then! In the Chinese food cooking game you will find all the ingredients you might need to bring this recipe to life and make a super delicious Chinese dish. When panic so that you don't remember what ingredients you might need for that specific recipe, just look at the blurred pictured of the specific ingredient pointed to your by that helping finger. Hurry, get the bottle of oil on the counter, don't forget to drag and drop the salt, too and there's not real Chinese food without some pork. Our cook girl here seems to feel more and more confident with such a cook's assistant chef as you are. You can forget all about those phone food orders! This Chinese food maker game will instantly get the skilled cook out of you.

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